The Financial Planning Process

Getting to Know You

Everything starts with us learning about you. This happens at our initial meeting. Firstly, we'd like to know what services you are seeking from us. This will form the scope of our advice. We can help you determine if you require comprehensive advice or something more limited.

The level of services you are seeking will determine what we need to know about you. We'll need details about your financial situation and also your aspirations, your goals and your concerns. Your family story may be an important part of the picture, your past investment experience, your health or that of your family members.

What are your ambitions for the future in relation to travel, buying a home or investment property, building an investment portfolio, marriage, children, education funding, retirement or helping family members?

It's your story and we want to hear it but of course you choose what's relevant for us to know. We have a strict Privacy Policy. We never discuss client details with anyone outside of our professional environment and we keep your records secure.

Analysis, Research, Financial Plan

When we have all the relevant information we conduct our analysis, drawing on the considerable research resources available to us. This may include reports from different stockbroking analysts, research houses, insurance analytics, broader industry material and consultation with relevant experts. We will apply different quality and relevance filters and select the optimum solution from the identified options. We then will prepare a recommendation for you in the form of a Financial Plan.

We'll meet with you to explain the recommendations and we'll work with you to ensure that they meet with your expectations.

Implementation and Review

When a final strategy is agreed upon and you are satisfied with the recommendations we'll ask you to sign an authority and we'll proceed to implementation. We'll regularly review your plan and check in with you to see if your circumstances have changed. We'll also consider changes to market conditions and monitor the recommended investments to ensure they remain of a high quality and continue to meet your ongoing needs and objectives.

We are Available to you

Service is very important to us. Your adviser is available to take your calls and meet with you. You will always have more than one point of contact who knows your story, can help with your enquiries and provide you with assistance.